We build finance policy and revenue capacity for self-directed local governments.


We're not far behind in Canada.

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We build finance policy and revenue capacity for
local governments.





Financial Policy + Procedure Development

  • Operating and Capital Budget

  • User Fees and Charges

  • Asset Management

  • Procurement

  • Internal Controls

Studies + Third Party Reviews

  • Governance Structure

  • Alternative Revenues

  • Shared Services

  • Cost Management

  • Capital Project Delivery

  • Revenue Mix


Financial Communications

  • Infographics

  • Data Visualizations


Clients + Partners

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Donna Hernandez
Rose Jones
Peter Gonzalez
Margaret Hernandez
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Roy Takahashi
Donald Edwards
Christina Sharma

Enid Slack Consulting Inc.

Gloria Campbell
Emily Martinez
Wayne Aiko
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Laura Hernandez

About us

Emily Harris

Emily Harris is the Director of The Policy Shop. She has worked in municipal finance policy for over ten years as an academic at Carleton University, as the Manager of Policy at the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association, as a Management and Policy Consultant in the Toronto City Manager’s Office, as a Financial Analyst in the City of Toronto’s budget division and as a private consultant, completing projects for the Town of Minto, Local Authority Services, (LAS) the Canadian Association of Government Finance Officers (CAGFO) and the Ontario Government ministries of finance and municipal affairs.

She has advised municipalities and the organizations that serve them on a range of policy issues, including alternative revenues, shared services, asset management, procurement, user fees, financial controls, municipal and agency governance, municipal-provincial finance, Municipal Act and other legislative and regulatory reviews, and grant program review.

Emily holds a Master of Arts in Political Economy.

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John Innes, is The Policy Shop’s Technical Lead. He is a CPA, CA with 30 years of direct municipal administrative experience, most recently as the General Manager, Finance, Facilities and Court Services, CFO, County Treasurer and Deputy CAO for the County of Lambton.

He is a seasoned and knowledgeable municipal finance professional experienced in overseeing diverse and complex organizations with $215 million budgets. Throughout his career he has been active with organizations such as MFOA, MCMA, has presented to various conferences and seminars as an expert commentator and has contributed to policy development at multiple ministries.

With the Ontario Ministry of Finance, he has most recently participated on various Working Groups that made recommendations on business property assessment, vacancy rebates, performance measurement and unconditional grants.

What is the city but the people?
— William Shakespeare


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